the magic number

It is easy to use too many photos on a listing site.

Pictures are used to get a perspective buyers attention.  To entice them to go and tour the property, and hopefully to make an offer.  Using too many photos will cause the dreaded "click fatigue".  This happens when people get bored with scrolling through large numbers of images without getting any more useful information.  Plus, if you show them every room from every corner then they may feel that they've seen it all and there is no reason to actually tour.  


a photo is worth $1,000

As a real estate agent there are compelling reasons for using high quality photography to present a listing:  

  • Great photos help to elevate your brand within the real estate industry.  
  • It's a well established fact that great photos and marketing materials are an excellent way to get more listings.  
  • When professional quality photos are used your clients will be pleased with how you are marketing their property.   
  • You will have competition for clients, the commitment of professionally done photography will help you to win listings.