real estate photography in Tucson AZ

I came to Tucson in 1998 and have loved it here from the beginning.  My early years were spent in Kansas, eventually graduating with a business degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS (the “Little Apple”).  I then spent ten years in Kansas City, moved here, met my wife, Tonya and several years later we decided to start a home staging business.  

The photography service wasn’t included until after viewing sub-standard photos online.  Knowing how important the photos would be in selling the property and to our own business, I decided to make a study of Real Estate Photography to insure a good presentation of the property as well as our staging displays.  I had already become interested in photography several years earlier thanks to the natural beauty of the Sonoran desert.  

I quickly learned that the making of good architectural and interior photos was a challenging proposition that required much practice, experimentation and additional instruction.  This education was obtained from several excellent professional photographers in the Real Estate Photography field, and with years of experience.  Tonya's staging expertise was also a big influence.  

I could not be happier with my decision to turn photography into a full time career and feel truly blessed to be able to earn a living doing what I love.  My goal through photography, is to make your real estate listing look exceptional.